Sunday, 22 June 2014


                                          MAC Address (Media Access Control)

MAC address is a unique identifying address defined to a device for communication purpose. Normally MAC address is assigned by the manufacturer itself and is stored in its hardware. usually a MAC address contain the manufacturer's registered identification number which is referred as BIA (Burned In Address).

The address is composed of up to  6 pairs of characters like "00-1B-38-83-59-A2". 

Like Hardware and software  are working together, IP number and MAC address working together.

In most of the MAC address's the first four octets refers the OUI of the manufacturer. OUI means Organizationally Unique Identifier . Some most common OUI are...

              00-30-BD        --Belkin
              00-40- 96        --cisco
              00-14-22         --Dell
              00-1B-38        --HP

Now a days MAC address became very usefull to find out cyber crimes happening everywhere in the world.
As the MAC id is a unique number, as the every mail is sending along with a MAC Address , the police can easily identify, from which computer the mail has been send.

 Now we will check how to find the MAC Address of our own computer......

START > Run > (Type) "cmd" > OK 

Then you will get a DOS window . in the window type
"ipconfig/all"      and press "enter" butten.
Then you will get a window like bekow.........


The marked address  (physical Address) is the MAC address of your system.......

Try and get the MAC Address of your own system.......


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